About Us

The Island Life.

It’s a state of mind; a way of being that allows you to breathe freely, be spontaneous, and relax in style—whether you’re on the beach, in the boardroom, or in your own backyard.

Inspiring that island feeling has been Tommy Bahama’s mission for over a quarter-century. And it’s why we’ve partnered with Boomer Naturals on a game-changing new line of all-natural wellness products designed to help you feel your healthiest and most relaxed.

We’re pleased to introduce this Botanical Blend—plant-based, doctor-formulated, and FDA compliant 

Developed by Boomer Naturals’ medical advisory board of neurosurgeons, internists, psychiatrists, and doctors of nutrition, Botanical Blend is a proprietary blend of plant-based compounds. CB5’s ingredients have been clinically shown to support the body’s ECS regulatory system, which when functioning properly helps to reduce pain and inflammation, lessen anxiety, enhance memory, and improve sleep and skin conditions.*

All ingredients in this Botanical Blend are on the FDA’s GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) list.

Tommy Bahama + Boomer Naturals. An innovation in island living.

The new Tommy Bahama + Boomer Naturals line of plant-based wellness products brings Tommy Bahama’s legacy of style, quality, and comfort together with Boomer Naturals’ patent-pending CB5 formula—an all-natural plant based alternative. 

We’re confident you will be pleased with the results. Try Tommy Bahama + Boomer Naturals wellness products for yourself, and enjoy the island life you deserve.