Boomer Botanics Tommy Bahama Gummy Trio bundle of three 30-count jars, for Full-Body Support and immune health, more energy, less pain, and better focus

Gummy Trio

Indulge yourself with our Plant-Based Gummies Bundle!

Enjoy the all-day-and-all-night benefits of our amazing botanical blened formula with our tasty gummies. Easy to make part of your daily routine, our delicious gummies feature our proprietary plant based blend of natural ingredients, to help you feel your best throughout your day and night! The Gummy Trio includes a 30 count of each of the following:

  • Our Botanical Blended AM Raspberry Gummies are the ideal way to start your morning, with a boost of natural energy to help you stay focused and alert, while lessening aches and pains so that you feel strong and steady.
  • Our Botanical Blended Anytime Cinnamon Gummies are an ideal way to keep you feeling your best all throughout your day – focused and relaxed with fewer aches and pains!
  • Our Botanical Blended PM Blueberry Gummies feature our proprietary blend of calming terpenes and natural sleep-supporting ingredients, to help your mind and body ease into a peaceful slumber.

The Gummy Trio includes one 30 Raspberry, 30 Cinnamon, 30 Blueberry Gummies.

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